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MME2015. September 20-23, 2015. Toledo (Spain) 
The MME is a well established and recognized European annual workshop on microtechnology. The goals are stimulation and improvement of know-how in the field, as well as the establishment of cooperation and friendship between delegates. The accent lies on mutual discussions around poster presentations rather than on formal oral presentations. A small number of world leading experts are invited to review key research topics, focusing on both latest results and background concepts.

MNE2023. September 25-28, 2023. Berlin (Germany) 
NEMS & MEMS, NanoFabrication, NanoLithography

MNE2022. September 19-23, 2022. Leuven (Belgium) 
NEMS & MEMS, NanoFabrication, NanoLithography

Micro and Nano Engineering Conference (MNE2021). September 20-23, 2021. Turin (Italy) 
NEMS & MEMS, NanoLithography, NanoImprint

Special Interest Group Meeting: Micro/Nano Manufacturing. November 27-28, 2019. Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin (Germany) 
NanoFabrication, NanoMetrology & Standards, Self-Assembly

39th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE2013). September 16-19, 2013. London (UK) 
NanoFabrication, NanoLithography, NanoPatterning

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