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PhD Positions:"4 PhD positions in the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN-EID “Nano-structured glass for future display and communication technologies” (NANO GLASS)"
  Contact Person: Valerio Pruneri (ICFO, Spain)More information
  (Publication date: January 12, 2021)  / (Deadline: February 14, 2021)

PostDoc Position:"Thermoelectric / spintronic devices "
  Contact Person: Emanuele Orgiu (INRS, Canada)More information
  (Publication date: December 10, 2020)  / (Deadline: February 10, 2021)

PhD Position:"Advanced characterization of the thermoelectric properties of organic systems"
  (ICMAB, Spain) 
  (Publication date: December 02, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

PhD Position:"Theoretical studies of the thermal conductivity of doped polymeric films"
  (ICMAB, Spain) 
  (Publication date: December 02, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

PhD Position:"Growth of graphene on reusable substrates"
  (NTC/UPV, Spain) 
  (Publication date: December 01, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

PostDoc Position:"Thermal Management and Advanced Cooling Strategies for Future Radio Communication Components and Devices"
  Contact Person: Elyes Nefzaoui (ESIEE Paris, France)More information
  (Publication date: November 30, 2020)  / (Deadline: December 31, 2021)

PhD Position:"Interfacing 2D materials with smart magnetic molecules for the design of new hybrid electronic devices"
  Contact Person: Eugenio Coronado Miralles (ICMOL - UV, Spain)More information
  (Publication date: November 26, 2020)  / (Deadline: January 26, 2021)

PostDoc Positions (X2):"Broken-symmetry on 2D materials"
  (Salamanca University, Spain) 
  (Publication date: November 26, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

PostDoc Position:"AIN: Postdoctoral Research, Ref.: 20063"
  Contact Person: RRHH (AIN, Spain)More information
  (Publication date: November 24, 2020)  / (Deadline: January 24, 2021)

PhD Position:"PhD. Position opening at @icn2nano funded by @FundlaCaixa"
  Contact Person: Stephan Roche (Fundacion La Caixa, Spain)More information
  (Publication date: November 24, 2020)  / (Deadline: January 24, 2021)


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