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PhD Position:"Multiscale modelling of irradiation damage in materials of interest for fusion"
  Contact Person: Christophe Ortiz (CIEMAT, Spain)More information
  (Publication date: May 22, 2020)  / (Deadline: September 22, 2020)

Aixtron vacancies (32):"Aixtron vacancies: You will find current vacancies listed in their website"
  Contact Person: RRHH (AIXTRON, Germany)More information
  (Publication date: May 21, 2020)  / (Deadline: September 21, 2020)

PostDoc Position:"Biomedical applications of mesoporous and material and metal organic frameworks (MOFs)."
  (CIC Biomagune, Spain) 
  (Publication date: May 07, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

PostDoc Position:"Advanced 2D Electronic Devices"
  Contact Person: Peter Bøggild (DTU, Denmark)More information
  (Publication date: May 07, 2020)  / (Deadline: June 15, 2020)

PostDoc Position:"Protein-based Hybrid nanosystems"
  (CIC Biomagune, Spain) 
  (Publication date: May 07, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)

PostDoc Position:"Cell-free protein synthesis/synthetic biology "
  Contact Person: RRHH (CIC Biomagune, Spain)More information
  (Publication date: May 07, 2020)  / (Deadline: August 15, 2020)

PhD Position:"Aqueous graphene dispersions: formulation and shelf life"
  Contact Person: (Carbon Waters, France)More information
  (Publication date: April 30, 2020)  / (Deadline: July 30, 2020)

PhD Position:"Mid-infrared lasers on SiGe-based photonic circuits"
  Contact Person: Eric Tournié (University of Montpellier, France)More information
  (Publication date: April 23, 2020)  / (Deadline: July 23, 2020)

PhD Position:"Materials modeling in graphene-sulphur technologies"
  Contact Person: Alain Rochefort (Université de Montreal, Canada)More information
  (Publication date: April 16, 2020)  / (Deadline: July 16, 2020)

PostDoc Position:"NanoBiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications Group"
  (ICN2, Spain) 
  (Publication date: April 08, 2020)  / (Deadline:CLOSED)


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