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Grain boundaries in graphene do not affect spin transport [02-12-2019]
Researchers from the ICN2 Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group as well as the Université catholique de Louvain have used numerical simulations to show that spin diffusion length is independent of grain size. The results are published in Nano Letters and have implications for the optimisation of graphene-based spintronic devices.

Asabys y Alta Life lideran una inversión de 15 millones en Inbrain [01-07-2020]
Nanomedicine, Graphene

Smallest cavity for light realized by graphene plasmons [12-06-2020]
Graphene, Plasmonics

CIC energiGUNE avanza en baterías sostenibles creadas con grafeno [08-06-2020]
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Grafeno, perovskita y silicio, la combinación ideal para paneles solares eficientes [04-06-2020]
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Graphene Flagship welcomes sixteen new FLAG-ERA projects [29-05-2020]
Scientific Policy, Graphene

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