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Self-assembled microspheres of silica to cool surfaces without energy consumption [08-11-2019]
Researchers from the ICN2 and the ICMM-CSIC have developed a new material able to cool another one by emitting infrared radiation. The results are published in Small and are expected to be used in devices where an increase in temperature has drastic effects on performance, like solar panels and computer systems, among other applications.

Crean nanotecnología capaz de capturar la energía de la luz [24-09-2019]
Nanophotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics, Energy, Nanotechnologies

Un innovador nanodispositivo para la recolección de energía solar [14-05-2019]
Nanophotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics, Energy

Cargar tu móvil con wifi: la idea de un joven ingeniero español del MIT [01-02-2019]
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Champiñones biónicos fusionan nanotecnología, bacterias y hongos [08-11-2018]
Nanobiotechnology, Energy

Flexible batteries power the future of wearable technology [09-08-2017]
Energy, Graphene

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