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Biosensors for Pandemics 2021 Online Conference. February 02-03, 2021. 
"Biosensors for Pandemics 2021: Reliable and efficient nanotech-based diagnostics in emergency situations" is the 2nd edition of an Online conference that will address main problems scientific community is facing nowadays for COVID-19 pandemics. The idea is to get again together worldwide well known experts in biosensing technologies who are working currently in COVID-19 diagnostics or have a great potential for application of their technologies in the near future. This conference is also addressed to specialists in virology, epidemiology and other health areas and communication technologies that are crucial for guiding biosensing community and their diagnostics ideas using biosensors....

NanoBio&Med2020. November 17-19, 2020. Barcelona (Spain) 
NanoBiotechnology, NanoMedicine, NanoParticles

Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2020). October 26-30, 2020. Tirana (Albania) 
NanoMaterials, NanoBiotechnology, Graphene

Online Conference: NanoPortugal (NPT2020). September 23-24. 2020. 
NanoMaterials, NanoBiotechnology, Graphene

Online Conference: Biosensors for Pandemics. May 06. 2020. Madrid (Spain) 
NanoBiotechnology, NanoMedicine, NanoSensors & NanoDevices

NANOINBIO 2020. April 21-26, 2020. Le Gosier, Guadeloupe (French Caribbean) 
NanoBiotechnology, NanoMedicine

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