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Carbonhagen 2019. August 21-23, 2019. Copenhagen (Denmark) 
Carbonhagen 2019 and the grand a two-day symposium on graphene, carbon nanotubes, and other two-dimensional/layered nanomaterials jointly organised by the Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Ã…rhus University. The symposium will cover mechanical, electronic, chemical and optical properties, device fabrication, integration and applications of the emerging family of 2D materials, to give the best possible picture of the state of the research field anno 2019, and its future direction.

Chemistry of 2-dimensional materials: beyond graphene Faraday Discussion. March 16-18, 2020. Cambridge, (UK) 
2D materials

1&2DM International Conference (1&2DM 2020). 28-29 January, 2020. Tokyo (Japan)  
Graphene, 2D materials

RPGR2019. October 6-10, 2019. Matsue (Japan) 
Graphene, 2D materials

Chem2Dmat2019. September 03-06, 2019. Dresden (Germany) 
NanoChemistry, 2D materials

1&2DM International Conference (1&2DM 2019). 29-30 January, 2019. Tokyo (Japan) 
Graphene, 2D materials

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