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Nanospain2019. May 28-31, 2019. Barcelona (Spain) 
Consolidated as a reference meeting of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) in Spain, the conference NanoSpain 2019 is not limited to a conventional presentation of ideas or results, but seeks to deepen the common themes among the participants, also serving as a link between industry and researchers. Since 2004, year the event was launched, NanoSpain conference series is now an established and well-known meeting in Spain, aiming to agglutinate and coordinate the efforts made in the field of the Nanotechnology by Spanish groups from universities, research institutes and companies.

NanoBio&Med2019. 19-21 November, 2019. Barcelona (Spain) 
NanoBiotechnology, NanoMedicine

RPGR2019. October 6-10, 2019. Matsue (Japan) 
Graphene, 2D materials

Graphene Brazil 2019. September 09-10, 2019. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 

2nd International Conference on Interface Properties in Organic and Hybrid Electronic. July 08-11, 2019. Cergy-Pontoise, (France) 
NanoMaterials, Energy

International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - IX NyNA 2019. July 2-4, 2019. Zaragoza (Spain) 
NanoMaterials, NanoMetrology & Standards, NanoSensors & NanoDevices

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