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NanoScale2019. October 15-16, 2019. Braunschweig (Germany) 
The NanoScale seminar will stimulate the exchange of experiences between researchers, industrial users and metrologists in the fields of optical, electron, and scanning probe microscopy as well as related techniques, to solve daily measurement challenges in the micro- and nano-world.

Nanometrology 2020 International Conference, 24 - 26 June 2020, Paris (France) 
NanoMetrology & Standards

Special Interest Group Meeting: Micro/Nano Manufacturing. November 27-28, 2019. Technische Universität Berlin (Germany) 
NanoFabrication, NanoMetrology & Standards, Self-Assembly

International Congress on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - IX NyNA 2019. July 2-4, 2019. Zaragoza (Spain) 
NanoMaterials, NanoMetrology & Standards, NanoSensors & NanoDevices

Metromeet 2019. April 10-12, 2019. Bilbao (Spain) 
NanoMetrology & Standards

3rd Open Meeting, European Conference on "Standardization for Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials for safer products, production and uses”. October 2, 2018. Brussels (Belgium) 
NanoMetrology & Standards

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