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Spanish Conference on Nanophotonics - CEN2018. October 3-5, 2018. San Sebastian (Spain) 
The conference aspires to address a wide range of topics related to nanophotonics, metamaterials and subwavelength optics. Topics will include all aspects of research, ranging from fundamental science to fabrication and applications. Special sessions will be devoted to emerging fields of research such as Quantum Nano-optics, spin-orbit coupling of light and topological photonics to mention a few.

Phonon lifetime from disordered to complex systems: Measurement and Interpretation. December 19-20, 2019. Lyon (France) 
NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics

NATO Advanced Study Institute. July 20 - August 04, 2019. Erice (Sicily, Italy) 
NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics, Plasmonics, Metamaterials

Photonic Integrated Circuit design training. January 16-18, 2019. Valencia (Spain) 
NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics

Photonic Integration Week. January 14-15, 2019. Valencia (Spain) 
NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics

International Workshop on Sound-enabled Nanotechnologies IWSENT2018. November 26-29, 2018. Valencia (Spain) 
NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics

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