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Atom Computing Wins the Race to 1000 Qubits [01-11-2023]
Atom Computing, a developer of neutral atom-based quantum computers, today announced it has built a 1,225-site atomic array that contains 1,180 qubits. This follows building a 100-qubit system, named Phoenix, in 2021. While there are no beta users for the new device, which won’t be broadly available until sometime in 2024, Atom Computing becomes the first quantum company to reach the 1000-qubit milestone in a gate-based system. The new device passes the 433-qubit mark

Non-toxic quantum dots enable SWIR imaging breakthrough [05-02-2024]
Quantum Science

Physicists present new way to predict magnetic alloy properties with machine learning [30-01-2024]
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Quantum material-based spintronic devices operate at ultra-low power [29-01-2024]
Spintronics, Quantum Science

Finnish Quantum Flagship receives significant funding – Tampere University participates in quantum matter research [26-01-2024]
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Scientists create qubits using precision tools of nanotechnology [18-01-2024]
Quantum Science, Nanotechnologies

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