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Study unveils key dynamics of 2D nanomaterials with view to larger-scale production [01-02-2024]
A team of Rice University researchers mapped out how flecks of 2D materials move in liquid ⎯ knowledge that could help scientists assemble macroscopic-scale materials with the same useful properties as their 2D counterparts

Discovering novel avenue for engineering emerging 2D MXene family via precious metals atomic layer deposition techniques [04-01-2024]
2D Materials

Stacking 2D layers for AI processing [18-12-2023]
Quantum Science, 2D Materials, Artificial intelligence

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Novoselov: Advancements in Materials Design. Date: 12th December, 12.00 PM CET (The webinar is free) [08-12-2023]
Graphene, 2D Materials

Khalifa University´s RIC2D and CMAT in Partnership with France’s Grapheal Announce New Point-of-Care Diagnostic Biosensor Prototype [29-11-2023]
Graphene, 2D Materials

Genoa-based BeDimensional raised €5 million aiming to revolutionise 2D crystal applications [20-09-2023]
Graphene, 2D Materials

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