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Fabricating atomically-precise quantum antidots via vacancy self-assembly [05-09-2023]
National University of Singapore (NUS) scientists demonstrated a conceptual breakthrough by fabricating atomically precise quantum antidots (QAD) using self-assembled single vacancies (SVs) in a two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD).

Genoa-based BeDimensional raised €5 million aiming to revolutionise 2D crystal applications [20-09-2023]
Graphene, 2D Materials

Quantum Spain tiene un plan para que España no se quede atrás en computación cuántica. Así quieren conseguirlo [05-09-2023]
Quantum Science

La cuántica ´made in Spain´ se abre paso con la soberanía europea como guía: "Quantum Spain es solo el primer paso" [01-09-2023]
Quantum Science

Research takes first steps towards realizing mechanical qubits [13-06-2023]
Quantum Science

KISS method for 2D material preparation: Unlocking new possibilities for materials science [09-06-2023]
2D Materials

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