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Madrid hosts Quantum Matter International Conference: A global forum for the advancement of quantum materials and technologies [23-05-2023]
The benchmark event will bring together leading figures from the scientific and business world to discuss the possibilities and applications of quantum materials, catalysing new ideas and collaborations in a flourishing field

Physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in quantum material [23-11-2023]
Quantum Science

Atom Computing Wins the Race to 1000 Qubits [01-11-2023]
Quantum Science

Researchers find a new quantum ruler to explore exotic matter [05-10-2023]
Quantum Science

A new qubit platform is created atom by atom [05-10-2023]
Quantum Science

Quantum Spain tiene un plan para que España no se quede atrás en computación cuántica. Así quieren conseguirlo [05-09-2023]
Quantum Science

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