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The unimon, a new qubit to boost quantum computers for useful applications [15-11-2022]
A group of scientists from Aalto University, IQM Quantum Computers, and VTT Technical Research Center have discovered a new superconducting qubit, the unimon, to increase the accuracy of quantum computations. The team has achieved the first quantum logic gates with unimons at 99.9% fidelity—a major milestone on the quest to build commercially useful quantum computers. This research was just published in the journal Nature Communications.

Physicists find evidence of exotic charge transport in quantum material [23-11-2023]
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Atom Computing Wins the Race to 1000 Qubits [01-11-2023]
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Researchers find a new quantum ruler to explore exotic matter [05-10-2023]
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A new qubit platform is created atom by atom [05-10-2023]
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Quantum Spain tiene un plan para que España no se quede atrás en computación cuántica. Así quieren conseguirlo [05-09-2023]
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