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Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Used to Create 1-bit Comparator [11-07-2022]
Complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOSs) with low area requirement, power dissipation, and reliability characteristics are integrated into nanosystems for better performance. However, quantum dot cellular automata are improved alternatives to CMOS that help analyze a feasible alternative system with similar capabilities.

Pasqal raises 100M euros to build a neutral atom-based quantum computer [24-01-2023]
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New Swedish quantum computer to be made available to industry [23-01-2023]
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A new type of detection in a small quantum system [13-01-2023]
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Scientists make a quantum harmonic oscillator at room temperature [12-01-2023]
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A new qubit approach for more stable states for quantum computers [12-01-2023]
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