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Nano-sensor detects pesticides on fruit in minutes [07-06-2022]
Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed a tiny sensor for detecting pesticides on fruit in just a few minutes. The technique, described as a proof-of-concept in a paper in the journal Advanced Science, uses flame-sprayed nanoparticles made from silver to increase the signal of chemicals. While still at an early stage, the researchers hope these nano-sensors could help uncover food pesticides before consumption

Extremely sensitive nano-sensors can detect trace amounts of molecules [19/04/2022]
Nanosensors & Nanodevices

ICN2 Plasmonic Biosensor for COVID and other conditions [02-03-2022]
Nanobiotechnology, Nanosensors & Nanodevices, Plasmonics

Graphene sensor rapidly detects opioid metabolites in wastewater [28-02-2022]
Nanosensors & Nanodevices, Graphene

Team demonstrates molecular electronics sensors on a semiconductor chip [24-01-2022]
Nanoelectronics, Molecular Electronics, Nanosensors & Nanodevices

Graphene biosensors outcompete ELISA and Simoa for point-of-care diagnostics [12-01-2022]
Nanobiotechnology, Nanosensors & Nanodevices, Graphene

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