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Qilimanjaro, technology partner in first major national quantum computing project for strategic industries  [11-01-2022]
The aim of the project is to generate knowledge related to quantum technologies that make it possible to solve problems that classic computing is currently unable to resolve efficiently. The project objective is to advance the state of the art of quantum algorithms and apply that knowledge to a series of proofs of concept in different strategic sectors of the Spanish economy.

Quantum tech: Semiconductor "flipped" to insulator above room temp [20-01-2022]
Quantum Science

BBVA, Repsol y otras 11 entidades crean un consorcio en España para investigar la computación cuántica [17-01-2022]
Quantum Science

Quantum Breakthrough: How To Transform Vacancies Into Quantum Information [03-01-2022]
Quantum Science

D-Wave and Forschungszentrum Jülich Launch First In-Region Commercial Quantum Computer for European Access [03-01-2022]
Quantum Science

Two scientists from DIPC and CFM win the bessel award of the humboldt foundation [16-12-2021]
Quantum Science, Nanotechnologies

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