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How to transform silicon carbide vacancies into quantum information [15-12-2021]
"Vacancy" is a sign you want to see when searching for a hotel room on a road trip. When it comes to quantum materials, vacancies are also something you want to see. Scientists create them by removing atoms in crystalline materials. Such vacancies can serve as quantum bits or qubits, the basic unit of quantum technology.

Graphene-hBN breakthrough to spur new LEDs, quantum computing [18-04-2022]
Graphene, Quantum Science

QSolid - Paving the Way for the First German Quantum Computer [25-03-2022]
Quantum Science

CEA and Startup C12 Join Forces to Develop Next-Generation Quantum Computers with Multi-Qubit Chips at Wafer Scale [24-03-2022]
Quantum Science

La investigadora Mónica Lira-Cantú investiga cómo mejorar la tecnología de las celdas voltaicas [22-02-2022]
Nanomaterials, Energy

El Gobierno impulsa la creación del primer ecosistema de computación cuántica del sur de Europa [16-02-2022]
Quantum Science

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