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chem2Dmat2023. May 15-18, 2023. Bologna (Italy) 
The 4th edition of the International Conference chem2Dmat will cover all areas related to 2D materials chemistry spanning their synthesis as well as their functionalization, using covalent and non-covalent approaches, for composites, foams and coatings, membranes, (bio-)sensing, (electro- and photo-)catalysis, energy conversion, harvesting and storage, electronics, nanomedicine, biomaterials.

I2DM2024. November 25-28, 2024. Abu Dhabi, UAE 
Graphene, 2D materials

AI4AM2024. July 02-04, 2024. Barcelona (Spain) 
2D materials, Quantum, Artificial intelligence

International Summit on Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (ISSON2024) May 29-31, 2024. Prague (Czech Republic) 
NanoMaterials, NanoPhotonics & Nano-Optoelectronics, 2D materials

ChemOnTubes 2024 Conference April 07-11, 2024 Strasbourg (France) 
NanoTubes, NanoChemistry, Graphene

XXXVIII Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física. July 11-15, 2022. Murcia (Spain) 
NanoMaterials, 2D materials

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